Monday, August 13, 2012

15 minutes x 15 square feet = plenty to see

Part One: They are not called day lilies for nothing.

While we were traipsing around Pittsburgh last week, the day lilies at the side of the house were going great guns, leaving us only one flower, and one bud, to enjoy upon our return

DSC_0683 (4)


DSC_0689 (4)

Note the weird extra stamen thingy seemingly attached to the edge of a petal.

DSC_0693 (4)

Today. All shriveled up! Just like that!

DSC_0697 (4)

That extra stamen thingy is poking out. Still hoping to get lucky, I guess.

Part Two: Camouflage and Ambush

I sat in the grass just outside the front door, hoping to lure crickets or grasshoppers near me with the sheer innocence of my intentions. That didn’t happen. I figured if I trained the macro on some nearby tiny daisies, maybe I’d be happily surprised.

DSC_0704 (3)

Indeed, I was. A spider!

DSC_0706 (4)

Might there be others, on nearby flowers? Why yes!

A fly came in for a landing. 

DSC_0785 (3)

Within a nano-second s/he was waving its legs menacingly at it. I wasn’t fast enough to get the fly on camera.

DSC_0787 (4)

Unsuccessful, it backed around to the underside of the flower.

DSC_0717 (4)

Better luck next time, sweetie.

Part Three: Speaking of Lunch

While all this was going on, I was also admiring some sort of long damselfly-type fly resting on the tip of a blade of grass. I got closer and closer.

DSC_0715 (4)

It was when I saw little legs waving around futilely that I realized there was more going on here.

DSC_0738 (4)

I watched them wrestle for a while.

DSC_0744 (4)

To the tune of several dozen photographs, which I’ll spare you.

Part Four: Back to the Mysterious Asiatic Dayflower

They’re back! This time, I swear, I shall pay more attention day by day.

DSC_0774 (4)

The Side View.

DSC_0767 (4)

The Top Down View

DSC_0777 (4)

The Indeterminate (Before, or After, Flowering?) View

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