Wednesday, October 12, 2011

so long, farewell, heading home

What I did on my summer fall vacation:

Books read: 4

Miles biked: 50
Miles run: 20
Miles walked: 10
Visits to the gym to lift weights: 3
Yoga classes: 1
Kayaking trips: 1

Seen and admired:
Bald eagles: 1
Alligators: yesterday’s all-time high of 6, just in the two lagoons closest to our house. Numerous others on other days.
Blue herons: one million
Egrets: half a million
Wood storks: 15
Starfish rescued: 5
Turtles: a dozen
First cousin, once removed, aged 11 months, 3 weeks: one
Full moon: one. (We just have the one moon here, on this planet. It’s a fine moon. I’m headed outside to say hello to it one more time, in fact.)

Hush puppies: a dozen or so.
Pints of ice cream: probably five or six. Low-fat, but still. That’s a lot of ice cream. I think there’s still some more in the freezer, actually. Hm.

Headed home tomorrow morning. G’nite, world.

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