Wednesday, October 5, 2011

it doesn’t get much better than this

The nearest alligator, living in the lagoon in front of our house, (oh, Blog Fans, we are not in Vermont; we are in South Carolina – Vermont has very few alligators), came over to our side of the lagoon today.
Holy Crap, now that I look at this picture blown up on the computer, it’s even scarier than it was in person. Look at its expression! “Baleful” seems to capture it. “Come a little closer, little girl…” No thanks.
To sum up today:  ran three miles on the beach. Found local gym, arranged a free workout, lifted weights. Ate entire bag of this crap mmmmmm:
Sigh. Went on 11 mile bike ride. And then enjoyed the company of some of my favorite peeps:
Happy sigh.

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  1. Holy crap is right. I hope you packed extra underwear! I think I need to go change mine!