Sunday, October 9, 2011

run, bike, ice cream, lather, rinse, repeat

Still here on Hilton Head. The weather has started to turn here – it rained on and off all day. Rain be damned: some of us had big plans for the day. We’re in Day 7 of the Effects of Ice Cream Prevention Program. This is the program in which we counteract the effects of massive inhalation of ice cream. It could be worse: the traditional Family Vacation Treat of Choice around here is chocolate-frosted chocolate pop-tarts. So ice cream is an improvement…right?

At any rate, today, the program called for running to the tippy end of the island and back (actually, only 4 miles of that was running; the rest was walking).


Quick diversion: this is butterfly pea; it’s a vine that grows in the dunes. Ain’t it pretty?

Oh, and speaking of sweet pea, Lovebean and I biked 13.5 miles this afternoon (since, let’s face it: a four mile run and a three mile walk are a drop in the bucket, when weighed against the volumes of ice cream being ingested). His bike broke down – the chain fell off twice – so we adjusted our itinerary to swap it out for another at the bike rental place. No worries. It rained – hard – three separate times over the course of our ride.


We saw a bunch of wood storks at one point. I didn’t bring my camera with me because I knew it was going to rain. So here’s what they look like, courtesy of The Internets.


It’s hell not having a proper field guide for this area with me.

Time for more ice cream.

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