Wednesday, October 26, 2011

on the importance of oxygen

It’s late and I’m tired – it’s been a long day. An OK day, but halfway through it, at work, I realized I had a headache. Which is not normal for me. Gradually it dawned on me that the HVAC system was screwed up – the room I work in, and the break room, both fed by the same thermostat, were oxygen-free environments by mid-afternoon. I took myself out for a walk in the cold misty drizzle to inhale. I visited some thistle and black-eyed susan and regretted not having my camera.

Then I went to the gym to lift weights. Grrrr. Then tonight I had chorus. I still have a mild headache. Which I can tell by the number of grammatical errors I’ve been making. Oxygen: it’s your friend.  I’m currently undergoing Charlie Lap Therapy as I type – surefire way to get carpal tunnel syndrome. You try typing with a 12.5 pound cat draped over your forearms. See? I’m rambling. Medic!

Some leftovers from the other day:


European buckthorn. An invasive I typically ignore. Weird little naked fuzzy buds.


One Maggie. She is so sleek and glossy – much better than when she weighed 19 pounds and couldn’t lick her own butt. Yes, you can tell my brain’s not working – I just typed something about my cat’s butt. Moving right along:



A failed milkweed pod. Dunno what happened. It should be a supernova of silky fluff. We’ve had beaucoup rain; it probably just got overwhelmed and said f^&* it.



Bittersweet nightshade. Apparently its purple leaves and fantastic flowers outweigh the fact it’s an invasive, because this is a species I’ve been tracking all along. I’d never noticed this particular one before, though, even though it’s climbed up to head height.


False Solomon’s Seal. I had to really look to find this, as the whole plant has given up the ghost and the berries are almost covered up with leaves. This is the very same plant that I watched the sawfly larva going to town on.

I believe I have hot date scheduled now with best beloved. Buh-bye!

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