Wednesday, December 9, 2009

where are my manners?

My apologies – it’s later than I thought; I was going to show you the new lighting fixtures. Without further ado:


…and after.

The funny thing about these lights is, usually, you want to watch out for things like fluorescent lights, and green bathrooms. They presumably make you look like death warmed over, leading to all kinds of mayhem when it comes time to put on your makeup.

Well, let’s see: a) I wouldn’t know, as the mirror isn’t up yet. b) BWAH HAH HAH! I’m not sure I even own any makeup. Wait, I lie – there’s a brand new eyeliner pencil, still in its wrapper, in my car somewhere. I found it in the parking lot of…wait for it…the lighting store!

It was, no doubt, God’s way of telling me not to put fluorescent lights in a bathroom painted green.

But here’s the thing: that green absolutely POPS under these lights. It’s gorgeous. Neither picture above does it justice.

There’s a ceiling fixture too, but that picture didn’t turn out well at all. Let’s just grab the picture from the store:


other light

As for the hallway outside the bedroom:

100_1117   It matches the two pendants in the bump out. Squeal!








Here’s how we spent today:

100_1120 100_1119

Maybe 15 inches of snow? Kevin shoveled for HOURS. I also shoveled, probably for…an hour and a half? Less than half, by far, of what Kevin shoveled. Remember that bathtub? It got a good workout when he got in. I was sort of worried he would fall asleep in the tub and not wake up til he was shivering cold, but I’m just a worrywart.

I called around and got someone – I hope and pray – to plow us out next time.

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