Friday, December 25, 2009

gravitational challenges here on the home front

Our neighbors had us over for Christmas dinner. They have a bunch of kids, several of whom have a bunch of kids – so it was a fun and crowded scene.

We all contributed dishes. I made pearl onions in cheese sauce (a family tradition), and a couple of sweet potato pies. Since there were three or four daughters/daughter-in-laws also attending, there was no shortage of desserts. And since our neighbors are clearing out in their RV for five months and leaving in a couple of days, they weren’t in a position to keep all the leftovers. Thus,we were able to sneak home with one of our pies.

Now, what with it being winter and all, it’s pretty icy around here. Just to navigate the walk through the yard, we were each wearing YakTrax on our boots. So I walk in the door with Pie #2 and set it on the counter so I can negotiate with my boots and my jacket and my box of kleenex and my little bag with my street shoes and, and, and.

Kevin comes in a second behind me with his own stuff to deal with: the basket with leftover onions in cheese sauce, the flashlight, etc. etc.. Not realizing I had placed a pie on the counter, he swung the basket down and WHAM – knocked the pie off onto the floor.


Like so. Face down.


I started to laugh so hard I thought I’d be stuck with the hiccups for the rest of the night. We swung into Emergency Pie Rescue Mode.


And here we are: Pie Puddin’

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