Saturday, December 5, 2009

but what does it look like from the outside?

My fanbase informs me that there aren't enough pictures from the outside. Okay, okay!

We'll start at the front of the house and do a walk-around.

OK. We are facing north. This is the original house. You can just see the solar panels peeping over the roof to the right. That's new siding, behind which is a fat layer of insulation.

Ta-dah! The little thing with a window in it is the bulkhead. Originally, that was going to be removed, but we hit ledge, which led us to forego a full basement in favor of a crawlspace. Thus, we left the bulkhead in, to provide access to the basement. Behind the bulkhead is the end-on view of the infamous bumpout ('sun space' when we're feeling fancy, which we seldom are.)

That pile o' stuff is from the guys working on the deck.

Sorry, these are getting a little repetitive, I guess...

Please to note the lovely lamp over the door, ahem. (Jen.)
We're rounding the corner. Eventually, this portion of the deck will have a simple screened in porch structure.
Rounding the corner. See the spigot? That's new.

North-facing side of house. Those vents are for the heat exchanger. One is for inhaling, one is for exhaling.
Now you can see the original house jutting out. That window there is relatively new - that's the batcave, the former office. Michael, who's working on the deck, put that window in for us.

West-facing side of house. There is a wooded hillside on this side of the house. That little window on the first floor is at the base of the stairs. Its mate, above it, is in the walk-in closet.

Existing house, west-facing side.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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