Sunday, December 19, 2010

setting the christmas tree on fire

What Christmas preparations are complete without fiddling around with defective Christmas lights? When I was growing up, we never had lights on our tree. I don’t know why – I guess we all collectively didn’t like ‘em or something. Or perhaps my parents were afraid they’d set the house on fire. That never happened, but one year my first grade teacher set the classroom tree on fire. That might be because it had actual candles in it, this being in Switzerland and all, where apparently electric lights are for wusses.

Where was I?

The Christmas lights. Oh, well first I ran five miles on the treadmill (I just didn’t have the heart to deal with 20° weather). And then I went and got a tree stand that would actually fit this baby. Sadly, filling buckets with rocks…tends to split the bottoms of the buckets. Dear Santa: we’d like two buckets, please… Oh yeah, the LIGHTS. Get to the point. We gave up on repairing one strand after removing and replacing two broken bulbs, and fiddling with all the ones that wouldn’t light up. Nothing really made much of a difference, and we just went with the two other strands we have that do work…


This next one’s blurry, but I really like anyway, so here it is…by the way, I just lured you in here with the post title; there will be no blazing trees here, pyromaniancs…


The final result:


Aaaah, much better. The cats haven’t bothered much with it. Yet.

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