Monday, December 20, 2010

coming into focus

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Part I: The new glasses came in! Thank god. The old ones are at left – new ones at right. You can hardly even tell they’re purple. Hey! That’s just like me! I fool you with ordinariness ‘til you get up close, and realize – too late! bwa hah hah! – that I’m all … well, the type of person who wears purple glasses. The old pair, incidentally, are a dark pink, which you can’t really see til you get up close, either. Damn, I’m subtle. I’ll probably use the new ones as the backup pair, and have the new prescription lenses made up for the original pair, which I kind of prefer, since they’re practically invisible. I know, if I were cool, I’d have hipster cat-eye frames, but let’s review: I’m not cool. Neither is my optometrist, because they didn’t have any cool hipster frames.
Part II: 2011 Resolutions are firming up.
Running: I’m aiming for three half-marathons over the course of the year, to start as early as possible, meaning, I’ll have to find one that’s semi-local, and not so popular that I can’t sign up late. See, a late April/early May half marathon training plan has me doing the longer runs in potentially icky situations. It’s not so much the snow and ice on the roads that’s the issue. The problem is that the roads around here are narrow and windy, with no shoulder, and there’s the potential for snowbanks on the sides, combined with curving roads with short sightlines…it’s the cars, in other words. It’s just a few long runs I’m concerned with, as I can tolerate up to five or so miles on the treadmill OK…let’s count our blessings: we HAVE a treadmill. Yay!
I am not aiming for a full marathon this year. Instead, I want to hit a half-marathon capacity as soon as possible, and then ride it for as long as possible.
Other fitness goals: I reallllly should be lifting weights. Blegh. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Gyms are evil, too. But there’s no reason not to work out with the limited number of free weights we have lying around the house. Grrrrr, blegh, etc. (It’s important to start off with a good attitude, don’t you think?)
Reiki: just do a bunch of it. Forcing a shape onto this – like “I will teach X number of people Level 1 Reiki by such-and-such a date” runs counter to my instincts.
Random: I’m seriously contemplating volunteering with the ‘girls on the run’ program this year. This is a program wherein you indoctrinate share the fun of running with – grade-school aged girls. Empowerment, confidence, all that good stuff.
There’s more bubbling under the surface, but it’s time to inhale some calories before heading off to choir sectionals.

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