Friday, December 3, 2010

nothing like a redesign

In honor of the impending new bathroom, or really, for no reason at all, I’ve done some updating around here. A new look! Yippee! Mostly, I wanted a way to post wider pictures, such as this:


That’s So.Much.Better.

Of course, mother nature gets the credit for that. And the camera gets some credit as well. Here, watch this commercial, which – ! – is for Panasonic cameras, like mine.

OK, welcome back.

Michael finished the floor today -


And then built little pieces to transition from the hallway, over a marble (?!?!) threshold, and into the bathroom proper.P1030687

And then he closed the door, put on a mask, and started sanding down the walls.

Tomorrow – more sanding, and perhaps a little baseboard action. Depends. He’s skipping town on us for a few weeks – Kevin might be on baseboard duty.

That’s all for now, folks.

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