Sunday, December 26, 2010

happy boxing day

Today I shall showcase some of Santa’s gifts. First up: the LED headlamp.


Kevin’s modeling it as he replaces the dimmer switch in the bathroom with a regular switch. Please admire the purple walls while you’re here. I resent the “energizer” logo on this thing, as back in the day when I did corporate environmental management consulting, Duracell was a treasured client. Boo hiss, Energizer! Yay, Duracell!


The manly toolbox.


Kevin put the new lighting fixture up in the bathroom today, and glued the granite backsplash to walls (hence the random assortment of heavy objects, holding the backsplace in place). Can you see the icky brown burn-type marks on the ceiling from the heat off the old incandescent fixture? Whoever invented popcorn finish should be taken out back and shot. Oh, this is the originally-purchased fixture, by the way. Kevin solved the problem of how to mount it when the studs were not conveniently located, by putting up a spare piece of baseboard up first. Works for me!

My plan to Not Leave the House continues to be implemented without a hitch. Running, incidentally, does not count as “leaving the house”. Leaving the House is defined as, getting in a vehicle. That said, I wound up doing today’s run on the treadmill. I’m just Not Into Cold Weather these days. Wuss.

I might enjoy it more if there were a ton of snow and I could go out snowshoeing, and I’ll have a chance to figure that out…tomorrow! Cause we’re about to get a boatload of snow dumped on us. We moved all the vehicles around, got the windshield wipers flipped up off the windshields, loaded up the wood box with firewood, and brought my extensive rock collection off the front porch (so that I wouldn’t end up accidentally shoveling them off into purgatory). Kevin made the requisite milk run. We’re good!

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