Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas eve



We slept in til 10 this morning. It was heaven! I left the house only to take out the compost, pick up the mail, and bring more firewood in. Kevin got inspired and started in on the downstairs bathroom renovation project. Remember that? He’s been working on the baseboards lately:


He continued that today, and he also started to replace the lighting fixture:


First up – removing the old one. We quickly realized that the fixture we’ve bought to replace it is to be anchored to the wall in two spots only a few inches apart – unlike the one hanging by a thread, above, which was mounted to studs. Hmmm…do we take apart the wall and reinforce it with a two by four? Do we go shopping for a different fixture? For now, the old one’s gone, and the new one’s back in its box, in purgatory.


Christmas music makes Maggie even sleepier than usual.

Kevin also put the toekick and handles on the vanity drawers and door:


…and installed the shelving in the little alcove next to the shower. For now, the shelves are made of plywood scraps leftover from the garden shed re-roofing project.


My contribution to the day: I attempted to decorate the cat.


She would have none of it.

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