Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rain, rain, go away...

It rained all last night and today. The boiler kicked in to keep the hot water going. No progress can happen at the moment on the deck because Mike and Gary are at the point of filling the sonatubes with concrete - the rain interferes with that.

On the indoor front...
...the stairway has risers as of today. Steve is taking the treads to his own personal workshop to do some finetuning before he installs them.

The buckets of water did their job as a clamp, and the transition between the living room and the office is complete, I believe.

The little spacer thingy I mentioned yesterday, for the vanity, has come in and is attached already. The vanity is almost-but-not-quite in place. Maybe we can call the stonework guy tomorrow. Also in this picture: the bedroom door. Tomorrow, or soon thereafter, we'll talk about exactly where to chop it in half. The door on the downstairs closet is also almost in - just the frame at this point.

Looking down the stairs, the little shelf at right now is completely floored in maple.

I held the camera out the window on the first landing of the stairs and got a nice shot of Kevin at his desk, hard at work.

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