Wednesday, November 14, 2012

your ordinary miracles will tend to hide in plain sight

We got a sudden drop in temperature – from the 60’s two days ago, to frost this morning. That’s fine. This IS Vermont, after all.

I snuck out for a few minutes before firing up the work laptop this morning.

DSC_0310 (7)

Grass is one of the few fellows happy to keep up with the photosynthesis.

DSC_0318 (5)

Not sure what this is. Could be cat’s ear, which looks like dandelion. So called cause it had snuggable fuzzy leaves. But I doubt it, for some reason. I expect my friend Arianna to weigh in on this in the comments.

DSC_0323 (6)

This milkweed pod should look familiar.

Here’s some wild rose:

DSC_0347 (6)

And now, for that which sustains me...

DSC_0331 (6)

The brown-eyed susans.

DSC_0335 (6)

Yes, those are ice crystals on the side in shade.

DSC_0345 (6)

Heaven, heaven, heaven, just waiting for someone to take notice.

DSC_0359 (6)

Farther afield, here’s a cluster of that sexy ironwood (Carpinus caroliana) I’ve seen up in the woods. This is along the shared driveway, hiding in plain sight, as most of your miracles tend to do.

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