Friday, November 16, 2012

freedom through discipline. or something.

Discipline, discipline, discipline. That’s what it’s all about, baby. As stupid as it sounds, I have to be disciplined to do the things I love most. Even a paramecium knows how to avoid pain and seek pleasure – you’d think I wouldn’t have to train myself to do this. Discipline might also involve not yelling at myself for the fact that I have to be disciplined about these things...

Enough monkey mind! Show me the pictures! The first batch is before breakfast.

DSC_0422 (6)

Today it’s pine needles instead of grass.

DSC_0434 (6)

And...I’m going to go with hemlock.

DSC_0440 (6)

Hi sweetie!

DSC_0451 (6)


DSC_0454 (6)

Also brown-eyed susan, but this one’s kinda falling apart.

DSC_0460 (6)

Um. Uh...Goldenrod? No. Aster? Hm.

Then it was work, work, work. I headed out again in the afternoon with the Mighty Lumix.


Queen Anne’s Lace.


Milkweed in the breeze. Good for the soul, no?



This can’t be good. This tree already has a bit of black knot fungus on it – now it has this unfortunate thing going on as well.

Ah, the Lumix. The Lumix has an LCD screen and no ... whatever you call the bit you actually look through...You can only reference the panel on the back as you take the shot. I had to remind myself how it works. Mostly it’s a matter of just framing the shot and trusting the autofocus to do good things.


These could be angels, but it’s also entirely possible that they are three rosehips, one still covered in white papery stuff, that the Mighty Lumix didn’t feel like focusing on.


There we go! They still could be angels, though, for all I know.

Then I got into it with the sensuous ironwood. I’d post some pictures, but your computer would catch fire. So hot.


Tall anemone, aka thimbleweed, is all crazy Einstein bed-head. To refresh your memory, here is what this looked like a few months ago:


September 27


June 24.

Isn’t this cool, getting to know a plant all the way through the year? Yes ma’am. It is.


Aster of some kind. That’s our brook. “Our”. We share it with plenty of other people, duh.

And now for the curly deliciousness of goldenrod leaves:



And so, to bed!

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