Monday, November 19, 2012

saving the world, one photo at a time?

DSC_0488 (5)

Another gorgeous, blue-sky morning, the world dipped in frost.

DSC_0490 (5)

By the time I nipped out, it was melting.

DSC_0501 (5)

Just a few more milkweed seeds left clinging to the mothership. They’ll dry off and float away, eventually...

DSC_0510 (6)

Tiny parsley-imitator weeds sport diamonds. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

After this brief foray, I headed over to the hospital, where I give Reiki to patients receiving chemotherapy (Reiki = sure-fire way to improve Mondays). One tiny problem: workers on the roof were busy installing new equipment, which was sending propane fumes into the air vents. The pharmacists making up the chemo treatments had been forced out of their lab. We all stood around the nurses’ station, waiting to see if the problem could be fixed. I quickly realized that I would not be able to tolerate the fumes, so after checking in with the few patients present, I left and came home.

An unexpected consolation prize:

DSC_0553 (6)

I am helpless before these. Dozens of shots.

DSC_0538 (6)

I like the intersecting curves on this one.

And for this next one, I like the bit at the top that didn’t quite open up completely.

DSC_0558 (6)

This particular one is lighter in color, because it’s older. It’s from the very first set that opened this past summer – Remember Big Sis, Little Sis, and Baby?

Up in the woods, a particular puff ball aster is down to its last few seeds.

DSC_0576 (5)

The camera (via autofocus) and I (via manual focus) each tried to focus behind the delicate fluffies to the dark brown  seeds still anchored in the flower head.

DSC_0581 (5)

Neither of us could figure it out!

DSC_0582 (5)

But it was fun trying!

And then, later in the afternoon, this conversation showed up in Facebook. A college friend – a great musicologist – posted this:


To which I responded...


To which a mutual friend of ours responded...


Ah: that’s what I am doing here. I hope.

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