Sunday, November 11, 2012

color me subtle

Riddle me this: if I know I need to be outside with a camera for a couple of hours pretty much every day, to feel like a Sane Human Being, why on earth would I miss a whole week? Maybe it’s because I refuse to believe that fun + discipline = a good recipe. But that’s a lie: I’m a runner. Running’s all about discipline. Hmmmmmm…..

Anyway. I’m sure I had an excuse. Probably something like, “my two jobs”, and “the need to get that run in before dinner” and “oh yeah, eastern standard time is messing with my head.” You want excuses? I got ‘em! Get ‘em while you can – they’re on SALE!

Here’s milkweed seed, with its back up against the wall (in this case, a sumac sapling).

DSC_0224 (9)

“No! No! You can’t make me do the things I love!”

Here’s the terminal bud of an ash sapling.

DSC_0228 (8)

Always elegant.


DSC_0235 (7)

Where are the flowers you’re used to seeing here, you ask? They’re around. This is Indian tobacco (Lobelia inflata).


DSC_0238 (8)

And who can forget the black-eyed susans? Not me!

They sustain me.

DSC_0247 (8)

Leaves of the black-eyed susan. Or wait – could be brown-eyed susan. I never did actually learn the difference. This is the wild kind – not the kind you see in massive plantings.


DSC_0250 (7)

Ahhhh. Blurry, but what a personality.


DSC_0253 (8)



DSC_0256 (8)

“Look at Meeeeee!!!”


DSC_0261 (6)

Yes, you are pretty.


DSC_0262 (6)

Yes, your sepal skirt is very pretty!


DSC_0265 (6)

*happy sigh*

DSC_0272 (6)

Onwards to the whole set of them.


DSC_0276 (7)

I could do this all day. Which reminds me: why don’t I do that? Oh yeah – the rest of my life. Hee hee!

What I actually did all day was drive around hither and yon – correction – Kevin drove all day, Mom and I were merely passengers, exploring heretofore “there be dragons” corners of the map of southeastern Vermont. Twas fun! Adventures were had! Orange-inflected dark chocolate was eaten! But that’s a story for tomorrow.

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