Tuesday, November 13, 2012

being a tourist in our own back yard

My Sainted Mother came for a visit over the weekend. Sometimes we lazed around…


Maggie and Mom catching up on culture and society. Yes, that wall is orange.

But we also played tourist, driving on little-traveled state and local roads to no place in particular.

We wound up discovering a sweet waterfall…


…where we tried and failed to have serve as the backdrop to one of our classic Make Out shots.


Who’s that old lady? Sheesh. Sucks to start going gray when you’re 15. Oh, and to be too lazy and cheap to dye it.



From the perspective of where we actually live, the perfection of this farm is unreal and moneyed. Photogenic, but a little too…twee, I guess.

Oooh, look, Quechee Gorge!



Ah, there we go. What a good sport my sweetie is.

It’s too late to photograph the wrappers of all the dark chocolate my mom and I consumed.

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