Saturday, December 3, 2011

photos of angels, birch seeds, hemlock cones

It was a gorgeous day, in both a thoroughly enjoyable yet disorientingly disturbing way.
We begin with Miss Lady, in a rare moment of sitting still enough for a portrait.
The light blobs: I’m sure there is a scientific reason for the phenomenon that occurs when I shoot into the sun, but can we all agree that they’re Maggie’s angels?
The obsession with yellow birch seeds continues. Here we see that the trident-shaped thingies are attached to the heart-shaped seeds. But what I love about this is the two aren’t joined together the way I thought they were. I thought the heart shapes would sit directly on top of the tridents. Apparently not. All I can see is that this is a section of a catkin that’s falling apart. I need to find a catkin that hasn’t completely blown up. Probably too late for this year.
Have I mentioned that the beaver pond’s main dam is gone? They’ve built another, closer to the road. Here’s the currently-drained part.
Not shown: the feral bathtub that lives at the edge of the pond, plotting revenge against whoever dumped it into the burn pile.
As promised, hemlock cones.
(Blurry, sorry.)
And upside-down, for the view. These are tiny. (Relative to your Typical Pine Cone.) Easily less than an inch long.

Forsythia blooming on December 3rd. See what I mean about the gorgeous weather? It’s confusing everyone. Now is the time to shut down and get some rest for the year – not pump out flowers. Go to sleep, sweet forsythia! It’s bedtime!
Speaking of bedtime, ‘tis mine. Good night!

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  1. Always room for a new obsession, I say. Have fun playing with the camera and following your latest.