Friday, December 2, 2011

the meaning of life, and whatnot

so what’s it all about, charlie?


Charlie came to visit me on today’s foray into the woods.

The sky was largely overcast and the lighting conditions were crappy. Or so I thought until I resumed my next lesson in my self-directed Life Curriculum: Learn Your Camera 101. Normally I rely on the Auto-Intelligent settings, even when I’m in Program Mode. (I use Program Mode because it has the macro zoom functionality I use so much for my Flowers’ Naughty Bits Series.) But lately, I’ve been tinkering around more, because Kevin has offered to get me the Next Camera - an SLR of some variety. And I have felt I really should know what capabilities I already have with the Lumix before investing in a new toy. (Don’t worry: I’ll get an SLR. I want the SUPER DOOPER macro lens.)

So anyways. I decided to fiddle with the settings, and here’s the result.


The camera defaulted to ISO-100 and the flash. This is not at all what my eyeballs were seeing.

Looks what happens when I open that baby up to ISO-1600 and disable the flash.


Oh yeah, baby. That’s what I’m talking about. A little washed out, a little grainy, but definitely an improvement.

Deep musings occurred.

And I realized, duh: I love this. I.Love.Doing.This. See? How hard was that to say? I – love – just – being – in – nature – and – seeing – what’s – there – to – be – seen. l love being amazed. And I love provoking that in others. Today, I taught a coworker how to use PowerPoint. She was thrilled. Not “holy shit, a bald eagle!” thrilled, but  you know – “oh, cool!” thrilled.  It was a fun moment, but being outside? Waaaaayyyy better.

Playing with the camera is an added bueno. It’s learning another entity’s brain. What will it look like at ISO-800? Or ISO-200? Oh! It’s blurry down there. This explains countless fails, the outtakes of this blog that you seldom see (except for when I do a whole post about them.)

So that was my afternoon. I’ll have lots more tomorrow, I suspect – I haven’t even finished looking at today’s haul.

One more for the road:


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