Saturday, December 31, 2011

a misty wet day in the northern woods

It’s the last day of 2011. It’s been a great year. In celebration, I headed up into the woods. But first…


…partially frozen puddles in the driveway!



microbubbles. that’s the reflection of the garage, incidentally.



bigger bubbles. or, small planets with complex atmospheres living in our driveway puddles.



ice monster eyeballs.



What does the worm think about water freezing up?


OK, enough of that – up we go.


One of those fairy convocations I mentioned the other day.





two points if you know what this is*.



These logs could occupy me for days.

*it’s an ash seedling that’s dive bombed into moss.


Yet another example of mischievous lichen. The one in the back KNOWS it can easily distract my point-and-shoot, making it focus back there instead of on the front-and-center stalk. Lichen is even worse-behaved as a child than I was.


I’m still pretty much a goofball.

I have all kindsa resolutions for 2012:

- Balance out all the running and cardio at the gym (I’ve been whaling on the stationary bike on my non-running days) with stretching, and lolling about in the sauna at the gym. Continue this no-sugar kick I’ve been on, because it feels great.

- Run a coupla half marathons. First one’s in May.

- Put my friends’ phone numbers in a more prominent place so that I will actually call them. (I have relatively few phone numbers committed to memory these days. Not sure how that happened. Some folks moved or switched up cell providers and I never bothered to memorize the new numbers.)

- Keep hanging out in the woods. Get to know the various spots to hike around here. I’ve actually done quite a lot of hiking in Vermont, just not in a while and/or right around here.

- Keep doing Reiki. Keep wailing away in chorus, sitting in the front row next to our contractor Jonathan (he’s even more prone to misbehaving than I am), and barely avoiding getting yelled at by our choir director.

- Continue this lovely game of enjoying life, first and foremost, and letting the rest it take care of itself.

That’s the plan, anyway. How about you?


  1. I think one thing I'll be doing is wishing I was going for a killer walk near your place in Vermont.

  2. =) I'd be happy to host you!