Tuesday, December 13, 2011

in which black panthers give a skunk a run for its money

Charlie and Maggie were not amused to hear of the visitation from Skunk, and how I realized that’s my (current) spirit animal.  This was my send-off this morning:


What, black panther isn’t cool enough for you?


Yeah, we’re looking at you, ‘skunk’ girl. Pppphhhhtt.

It wasn’t all that long ago that this front room, which started its life as a front porch (hence the T-111 siding that makes up that half-wall on the right) was our bedroom. It is now a prime morning catnap spot.

No nature for you today. Oh, how I have missed my time outdoors. On weekdays, I’m usually up before the sun rises. I either run (indoors, on the treadmill), or I contemplate my navel, scrawling three pages of whatever floats to the surface of my brain before it’s fully woken up.  (Someday my biographers will revel in the treasure trove of my drivel.) Eventually I go to work. I’m usually home well before it’s dark (yay, part-time!), but because of how we’re situated in this little valley, all nuzzled into the western slope, there can be quite a lot of light in the sky… but none hitting the ground anywhere accessible.

What about the weekend? Well, the weekend was awesome. Busy and relaxing all at the same time.


We decorated the tree on Saturday. About half the ornaments are placeholder schlock from the hardware store, and the rest is sacred: stuff that’s been kicking around my family my whole life, or gifts from friends. Of course, by virtue of being On the Tree, even the placeholders gradually soak up Holiday Spirit Essence and become sacred in their turn.

We also attended the opening of the new local general store. It burned down a few years ago and then, just as it was getting rebuilt, it burned down AGAIN. (Can you say, arson ?) It’s finally reopened, and it’s a beaut – timber frame construction. There was much speechifying, which I’ve developed an allergy to, so I wandered away during that part.


What I love about this place is that they carry the gamut: all the way from kale chips at $7/bag or


..this stuff, also for $7, so you can bet I didn’t get any, plus, they run with imitation food product, like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Something for everyone.

Sunday: ran six miles. That’s the longest I’ve run since September. The tendonitis is healing up, hooray! I’ve also been working out at the gym more – doing cardio on my off-running days.


And look, Santa Claus in the form of my Fabulous Sister-in-Law Lynn brought me an early present! It’s a bling rack, to hang my medals! Lynn has run so many races she needs another one or two of these things. I’ve only got three half marathon medals, but now that I have a place to put them, well, obviously I’ll have to keep running them.

We’re having a cookie giveaway at work tomorrow – Christmas cookies. I’ve never made Christmas cookies in my life, and I’m not about to start now.


Unless peanut butter chocolate meringue cookies count.

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  1. Holey cookies!!! Peanutbutter and chocolate mixed together in a jar? I'm in. It's on my christmas bucket list. However knowing my family they'll get a tub of Jiff. Eat half and refill it with Hersheys. Thanks for the smiles