Thursday, December 1, 2011

fourth time around

Hello world. Yes, it has been days, I know. Question: what do you get when you cross a blackberry and a cigarette?
One of these things. I vaguely remember learning what this is a few years ago. But I forget. For some reason the name “horsetail” comes to mind. This is a couple of feet tall. They grow in segments, with prominent joints every so often:
For the most part, these are single stalks with just the one terminal flower cluster, but there was this enterprising soul:
I have just visited The Google, and I have learned all sorts of fascinating things about horsetail (Equisetum arvens). Yep, that’s what this is. In the summer, each of those joints has a gazillion threadlike leaves sticking out of it.  And? Apparently it synthesizes nicotine, under polluted conditions. So my twisted mind isn’t that far off-base after all, is it.
We also have a bunch of awesomely huge shelf mushrooms to show off today:
That big one on the top is fannnnntastic. Check this out:
Say, don’t you find yourself wondering how to tell the difference between this year’s crop of sensitive fern spore stalks and last year’s? I know I do.
New at left, old at right. Oh hey, you can see the shelf mushrooms in the background.
New: still bunched up tight.
Old: each little…bud? it’s not technically a bud, but it sure looks like a bud – has opened up already.
And now for the color commentary.
Rosebud. You thought it was a sled. Think again.

Willows have a different color strategy.

Since I’m on a primary color kick, here’s some sky, with bonus moon.
Last but not least,  I’ve gone and registered for my fourth half marathon! Woot woot!
Yes, California is a long way from Vermont, but I’ll be running this with my Fabulous Sister-in-Law, who got me through my first half marathon a year and a half ago. Last year, for this same weekend, I did the the Pittsburgh, which was great and all, but this one will be even better because there is a wine festival immediately afterward.

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