Saturday, September 10, 2011

a parade, ladies against women, and a wormhole

Those of you who enjoyed my Pulitzer Prize winning coverage of the local Fourth of July parade will be pleased with this particular blog post.
Today, the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it village we live on the edges of had its annual community fair, complete with library book sale, silent auction, white elephant sale, sit-down barbecue lunch, and…the cutest-ever parade. The parade route normally goes from the elementary school to the church, a distance of (brace yourself) a quarter mile. But FEMA asked the organizers to re-route it so that their trucks, needed in the Post Bitch Irene recovery effort, could get through unimpeded. (While our town made it through relatively unscathed, the next town up-and-over got completely hammered – my guess is they were on their way there).
So instead, the parade route wound around the church property. The church sits in a little wedge in the center of the village, so the route was a pointy triangle. I realize that all triangles are pointy. What am I trying to say. A VERY pointy triangle?
First came the kids on tricycles, upstaged by the kid in the stroller.
This parade was apparently in honor of our local elected officials.
Then came the students of one of two village schools:

Here comes the tractor!


He’s pulling a percussion group. At least one of those guys is a neighbor. Another one fronts our favorite local band.
As for the giant puppet: is that a ghost? a chicken? the ghost of a chicken? I’m not sure.
Rounding it off, we have another band.

That’s it! That was the parade! Hooray!

Next was the silent auction.
I didn’t bid on this globe. But I like it. (I have an aversion to owning objects.) (That doesn’t mean I don’t own a ton of objects, just that it pains me to own more of them.)
Here’s something I did not know existed: a gaming chair. You sit in it to play video games. I believe it has speakers up by the shoulders.
The sign on it says that it comes with a “power chord”. Awesome. If it came with a catheter so you don’t have to get up to pee, it would be even more awesome, don’t you think?
The “Ladies Against Women” society gave an informal concert, singing songs of the delights of staying in the kitchen, where ladies belong.
Afterwards, I flirted with them and they posed for a picture.
And now, for their name tags:
I love Vermont.
We didn’t stick around for the barbecue this year, but here is the set up for it.
That’s Kevin, with that sexy hat.

For the flower report, I have this: the tall anemone, also called thimbleweed, are starting to pop open a bit more.

And that’s Kevin’s foot over on the left.

Also, did you ever wonder what wormholes to different universes look like?

I think when this lifetime’s over and I’m heading back to Source for debriefing, this is what the last thing I’ll see will be:

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