Friday, September 30, 2011

check out my tag cloud

I geeked out and with the teensiest of assistance from a former colleague (I can’t believe I used to be a geek for a living – that part of my brain has atrophied, apparently), I added a tag cloud to the blog.  If you’re here because you get here via an email or Google Reader, click on the title of this post, above, to be taken to the blog directly, and admire it.


I’ve been spending the evening retroactively adding labels to posts so that they’ll show up in here.

In other news? Yesterday = hugely long day at work for no good reason. Today = Reiki Reiki Reiki at the hospital, where I had the great privilege of being with three people as they each fell asleep under my hands; then, I visited my foot and ankle guy, who tells me I need to stretch my Achilles tendon and ice it after I run. Yes, sir!

Tomorrow: weight lifting! Strong, like bull! and it’s supposed to rain, so we’ll see what happens, photography-wise.

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