Sunday, September 18, 2011

little miss cranky

What a gorgeous weekend we just had here in beautiful southern Vermont, and gosh golly ma’am, what a CRAPPY MOOD I’VE BEEN IN. I’m having trouble adjusting to the season changing. I’m already half in February in my mind, when there is nothing and I mean nothing, blooming, and it’s so cold I can’t dawdle outside the way I like to and even if I could, the camera doesn’t work well in the cold either. And I haven’t run even so much as five miles at a pop in weeks, and I miss my endorphins and I’m MEAN.
Mind you, it’s not even the fall equinox yet, but I didn’t let that get in the way of my perfectly miserable mood.
Instead, I went to a friend’s birthday party yesterday. That’s right, I left the house, while in a foul mood. I hung out with our mutual friend, and the two of us groused about how crabby we were, and then I bonded with my hostess friend for a bit, and she confessed she was grumpy too – something about All These People Coming Over. So that lifted my mood considerably, I had a fine old time, and watched these other people I didn’t know fire potatoes off into the woods with a potato rocket. It’s some PVC pipe and it involves lighting hairspray on fire. Brilliant.
I burned off some of the bad ass attitude with housework, and with a (for me) furiously fast 4.5 miler today. And yesterday I worked out on the treadmill AND went for an aggressively paced 4 mile walk. Plus, I forced myself outside as well, to prove to myself that things are still growing.To wit:
wild rose hips. See that spooge? Remember it from here? It’s all the dried up stamens and stuff. Nice!

thank god for hawkweed.

yellow foxtail. Try and eat my seeds and I’ll STAB YOU.

aster flowers having a perm.

cattails are starting to lose their minds.

morning glory starting to pack it in for the day.

“stick out your tongue”, aka butter-and-egg.

riots of queen anne’s lace, above and below.

more yellow foxtail, above and below.
onwards and upwards.

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  1. Well I'm glad things have turned around! And I can't decide which caption is my favorite, but for now I'm going with the cat tails that are losing their minds. I'll come back if I change my mind... (or if I lose it.)