Monday, September 5, 2011

orange things

Today: gray, rain, gray, rain, gray. Rain. We’ll be fine in our neck of the woods, but I worry about all the communities already devastated by That Bitch Irene. Our preparations consist of putting trash barrels out under the one spot where 1/4 of all our roof runoff goes.
There is nothing like a rainy day to induce one to prowl in the basement looking for stuff to donate to either Goodwill, or the local church’s white elephant sale. Yes, it was a virtuous day. Very virtuous. I promised photos, and photos you shall have.
How do you like the shape of the baby seed stuff? Fascinating, huh?
On chunk of log near the woodpile, we have more of that orange stuff. My guru friend Arianna thinks it might be witch’s butter. That would be a type of fungus, folks.
Last but not least: one more orange thing.

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  1. Impatiens capensis....Orange Touch-Me-Not aka Orange Jewelweed. Am I right?