Thursday, May 26, 2011

we have a wood turtle! we have a wood turtle!

Today was mostly about “ooops”. As in
  • “Oops, I spent so long wandering around with the camera this morning that I’m 45 minutes later than I intended to be getting over to the hospital to do Reiki”. “
  • “Oops, my phone battery is dead.”
  • “Oops, I left my lights on and my car battery’s dead.”
  • “Oops, I missed my dentist appointment because my car battery died.”
  • “Ooops, I’m four days late putting Toxic Death Gel on the cat and as a result, I have a tick. On my back. Where I can’t reach it.”
On many a day, all this would have freaked me out, but all I can think is, “WE HAVE A WOOD TURTLE! WE HAVE A WOOD TURTLE!” and all is well in my world! All batteries have since been recharged, my own included. The tick’s been removed and flushed to its greater reward.
To rewind, this is how my day started:
The very first thing I did this morning, before even making coffee, was, I went outside to see if the turtle was still there. It wasn’t. Rats. As I turned around to head back inside, I froze in surprise as I saw it was ten feet away from me, staring at the garage door. I tiptoed inside and grabbed the camera…and the compost bucket, which was full.
I headed back out. I apologized to the turtle, dumped the compost, and invited him (her?) to check it out.
I think I’m in love.
Turtle headed toward the compost, but changed his (her?) mind, and then over the the course of a half hour or so, wandered toward the pole barn and up into the woods.
The journey begins.
Since I was already outside with the camera, I went a-visitin’…
Bluets are still going strong, mostly because I spared them the wrath of the lawnmower the other day.
A hosta has taken over a spot formerly inhabited by spring beauties and trillium, at the base of the yellow birch tree.
Foamflower, aka false miterwort, is still going strong.
So’s the actual miterwort. I love how each flower is connected by spiderwebs.
The azalea over by the garden shed is the current noisy thing in the yard.
Speaking of noisy, since the Handel concert last Sunday was a smash success, standing ovation, etc. woo hoo! – we’ve now got five, count ‘em five, rehearsals to figure out the chorale in Movement 4 of Beethoven’s 9th symphony. For some idiotic reason I’ll be singing the soprano part. The one that has a whoooooole lot of over-the-staff singing. Super, super high. A whole page of high “A”, as a f’rinstance.
I can easily nail a high A in the shower, in the car, while minding my own business. But put a score in front of me? And the words in German? I won’t be able to hit anything above a D (a D, for cryin’ out loud!) until I’m pretty comfortable with the music. I’m like a fair-weather soprano, I guess. But the choir director is overloaded with altos on this one, and wants me to stay with the sopranos on this one. Gulp.

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