Tuesday, May 24, 2011

alert the media: there is a great ball of fire in the sky

It’s called “the sun”, and today, on my run, it must have been present, because I saw these dark things on the pavement called “shadows” on two separate occasions. Afterwards, I realized that this would be our chance to mow the lawn, which is something we like to get crazy about and do at least a couple of times each summer.
I discovered a cache of lily-in-the-valley hiding under all those ferns in the background.
It’s not nearly as pretty after it’s been mowed, but if we don’t mow it, those damn black raspberries will get ideas in their head and start invading. Oh hey! See that azalea? Isn’t that something? And yes, the magnolia’s almost completely spent. While I was thus engaged, sweetpea was getting down and dirty, making this happen:
a 12’ x 12’ space for a garden.
He got all down and dirty with it.
Then it started raining. Then the sun came out.
I love living here.

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