Thursday, May 5, 2011

ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner

Well, thanks to a chance posting on one of my favorite blogs – Rock Paper Lizard, written by some dude out in BC (a Canadian! shhhhhh!) who takes great pictures, captions them hilariously, and whose (allegedly fictional) Interpreter Stories are not to be missed – and now for the rest of the sentence – I think I have a handle on the Mystery Azalea.
Pieris japonica. Lily-of-the-Valley Bush. Devoted blog fans will remember this from when I first noticed the year’s flowers and then, 2.5 weeks later, discovered that from the right angle, they’re basically spider-stuffed barnacles.
Rock Paper Lizard’s posting concerned some cute little bird (the “illadvisedly-named Orange-crowned Warbler”, if you must know) that likes to “bash around in the Pieris bush”. With a picture of said bird (which, incidentally, is green) (yes, green), sitting (apparently) in my Vermont yard, in my mystery azalea.
“Aha!” says I, “mystery solvéd”.
Whew. Do I find life fascinating? Yes, I do.

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  1. Yay, Sarah. Yes, that is the plant, and you have a great outlook on life. And now I (embarrassedly late) understand the Dave thing--funny story.

    The Interpreter Stories are at most 37% true, thus qualify as fiction under the regulations of the International Commission on Lying about Stuff (truth cut-off minimum=42%). Thank you for the shout-out. Hugh