Friday, May 27, 2011

Dandelion saga, Part 4; plus bonus footage of other random goodness.

First up, dandelions:
And now, with pride, I bring you, Part 4: the Elusive Missing Link. In the interest of full disclosure, I’d taken these pictures last week, BUT, I didn’t appreciate their Profound Significance until today.
The individual seed filaments have separated from one another, but their starburst parachutes have not yet opened up. Plus, remember the remnant phenomenon of the botched puffballs? That’s that cluster of drying-up yellow flower petals and green sepals, at lower right in the picture above. Well, this picture seems to show what it looks like when that bit is falling off the way it’s supposed to. BRILLIANT! just brilliant.
The one in the foreground: opened up. The one at the top right: partially opened.
VICTORY. I have now more-or-less documented the whole phenomenon of the dandelion going to seed.
I’m ready for my Pulitzer now.
In other news, I’ve been wondering if the False Solomon’s Seal flowers would ever get more…interesting. So far, they’ve just looked…unripe:
Not very brilliant, huh?
Well today, I found the one that’s the furthest along:
Now that’s more like it!
In the meantime… onto a very similar looking flower…the white baneberry I’m so in love with…See at the center of the circles of stigmas, there are oval-looking berries forming? Hallelujah!
Plus, the whole…apparatus…has gotten bigger, and you can really see the stubby little stems at the base of each flower are getting longer. All the better to make way for those newly-forming berries.
The Siberian Irises are just starting to show where their flowers will be. They were just shoots three and a half weeks ago:
Siberian Irises, May 2

And today. Deep purply goodness will soon be upon us.
The report from the fern naughty bits is that life is good. 
Just a couple of days ago, here – May 25.
A different kind, today. Getting scrunched up. Probably a different species, but still. I wonder why this is happening.
I think I know who’s involved with pollinating the red baneberry. [Editor's Note: this is probably actually wild sarsaparilla - Aralia nudicaulis)

This dude crash landed into me today. I managed to avoid shrieking and actually was reaching for the camera when he fell to the ground – I swear I didn’t touch him. He seemed stunned and let me zoom in on him. I’m going with “bug” as a general ID.

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  1. Beautiful work Sarah, just brilliant, thank you for these gorgeous images!!!