Wednesday, April 28, 2010

lettuce, snow, sun, nap

It was s.n.o.w.i.n.g this morning. Yes, snowing. It was above freezing, and we were running out the door for a doctor’s appointment (more on that in a minute), but when I realized that the snow was actually nearly a half inch deep on the lettuce leaves, I dragged the pots inside. 

By the time we were a handful of miles south of here, it was raining rather than snowing, but I have no regrets about bringing the lettuce in. I’m like a new mom, super vigilant and over protective, I guess.

your friend the knee

As for the doctor’s appointment, it was for Best Beloved – I went along to be of help. Turns out he has torn cartilage in his knee. Arthroscopic surgery’s scheduled for the week after next. It’s with the same guy who did Kevin’s shoulder surgery two years ago. They’re about the same age, and both went to school in Boston – the doc at BC, Kevin at BU – but at this appointment they did not reminisce about hockey games. They were all business. 

I will spare you the story of my afternoon. Suffice it to say that it required therapeutic napping, closely monitored and supervised by both cats. An additional follow-up treatment of Beacon Hill chocolate meringue cookies sealed the healing process. And post-recovery movie-watching – Sherlock Holmes, I believe – is up next.

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