Friday, April 30, 2010

the dark side of gardening


Death and Destruction.

It’s a savage world on the edges of civilization. Yes, the transition between the lawn (such as it is) and the woods is a beautiful zone of myrtle, daffodils, primrose, trout lily, and…drum roll please… wild raspberry. Who doesn’t like raspberries? Well, I have my limits. The carnage above represents twenty minutes of mayhem with the pruners.


While I was thus engaged, Kevin stained the new baseboard for the batcave, which is having new flooring put in some time next week. The original baseboard has been removed and reinstalled a couple of times too many, and it’s time for a fresh start. We opted to stain it to match the baseboard in the addition, which sorta doesn’t make sense, but, whatever.

In other gardening news, nobody’s germinated yet in the little containers that Arianna helped me with last weekend. She says not to worry.

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