Sunday, April 25, 2010

from idea to action, just like that!

My friend Arianna came over today – hooray! – we hadn’t seen each other since January, and before that, June. (How is this possible? We only live an hour apart.) She provided some much needed guidance on this whole “planting things in soil” concept. First, she suggested that I tickle – yes, tickle – the itty bitty roots on the lettuce starts. 


Here I am, tickling away. Can you hear the lettuce giggling?


We decided to intermingle the red lettuce with the green lettuce.


Just kinda mushing them all in here…


Ta Da! Pot o’ Lettuce. We put the last two green/red leaf lettuces in the middle of the second pot, and surrounded them with…. 




…and mesclun mix. .

Finally, Arianna put cilantro seeds in the now-empty lettuce starts, and I put basil in these cute little peat thingies.


Finally, it was time to water everybody. It took us a few tries to figure out how this hose caddy works – Kevin and I had not actually hooked it up right last year, so it wasn’t really operational as a caddy per se.


Yep, two master’s degrees between us, and we finally figured it out.

Next up: wait patiently for the itty bitties to germinate. The cilantro and basil are indoors now, on the concrete floor of the bump out. Stay tuned for boring pictures of Nothing Visible Happening!!

And a big shout out of thanks to Arianna!

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