Saturday, April 24, 2010

in which I decide to do container gardening

Little Miss Princess Groundy Pants (that’s me, in case you’re new to this blog) is taking the plunge into “gardening” with not one, but two, pots for the deck. I splurged, and got some lettuce starts as well.  Please admire the wheelbarrow in the background.


Let’s have a close-up view of the lettuce, since there’s no telling a) how big they might get or (gulp) b) how teensy they might get, once they realize they have been adopted by someone who doesn’t even have any house plants.


Hi guys!

Perhaps you noticed the wheelbarrow in the first shot? And the packet of grass seed? Yeah…the lawn is kind of a mess.

Here’s a view from the deck looking towards the garage. Mmm, mmm, good: dirt, gravel, little bits of wood left over from the construction of the deck…


Turning our attention towards the fire pit, we see a similar scene of devastation at the base of the stairs. That’s the chimney cap to the no-longer-extant chimney, sitting on the hearth stone of the fire pit, by the way. Eventually I’ll take it to Renew Salvage.


Last, but not least, let’s turn and look north, along the east side of the deck…yep, another quality lawn moment…


At least the magnolia tree’s pretty, right?


There’s Maggie, checking things out by the potting shed. Speaking of the potting shed, we rather like that little thing, even though we don’t “use” it. It provides a bit of privacy from our neighbors – whose cat actually has taken over the space, much to Charlie and Maggie’s collective chagrin – and hey, it’s cute. So we’ll probably spend some effort this summer getting the vines off the roof and, come to think of it, re-roofing it before it composts away.

In the meantime, the wheelbarrow and the seed will come in handy in cleaning up the yard and getting some grass re-established.

In addition to the lettuce starts, I have some seeds for…cilantro, arugula…how can I not have basil? What was I thinking? I have to go get some basil, OBVIOUSLY…what else do I have here…”seeds for a butterfly garden”, whatever that means…perhaps little butterflies grow from seeds, is that how that works? OH, here’s the basil, thank God…and a mesclun mix. I’ll need another pot or two, I forgot about the butterfly garden mix.

My green thumb friend Arianna is coming over tomorrow for a visit – she hasn’t seen the house since we added on to it – and I’ll ask her to provide moral support as I actually plant these things. I also got – not pictured – a bunch of those wee little peat pots, to start the basil seeds indoors.

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