Tuesday, March 16, 2010

how I spent my day

Alert the media. I have – gasp – chosen to paint over an orange room. Avid readers will recall that Kevin just pulled up all the carpet in the batcave. While the subfloor is exposed is the perfect time to paint, so I got busy today.





I went with the same shade of white that we’ve got in the stairwell of the addition and in the bump out – that way, it’s easier to handle touchups and whatnot. I left the darker orange wall, at right, alone. (Can you even tell there were two shades going on here? Probably not.) I listened to podcasts of “This American Life” and stuff from Radiolab.org while I worked. Time flies when you’re having fun…

In other deeply exciting news, Maggie discovered a new place to sit today.


And, I kept a log of the solar panel today – I recorded the time of day, the temperature at the collectors, the temperature at the bottom of the tank (heated by the panels) and at the top of the tank (heated by the boiler, and by heat rising up from the bottom of the tank). I’d get up from my chair and go grab my data, so I could give you the exact details, but Charlie is monitoring my typing skills, and he says that I can’t get up right now, as he is in the middle of computing my words-per-minute. So I’ll just stay put here, and try to remember it from memory….um…

The panels were able to get the tank up from 60 degrees (following a morning hot water wash), all the way up to 120, all by their little selves today. Ain’t it cool? The hottest I saw the panels get was 142 degrees at 12:30 – the next time I checked was 3:30 and they’d gone down to 126. I don’t know if they got any hotter than 142; I suppose it’s possible. I dried some laundry out on the deck as well, so I’m paying attention to the sun and shadows. This is all part of the master plan to construct Dave-Henge. No, I don’t know what I mean by that yet.

Charlie says nice work, but keep practicing.

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