Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The internet is such a weird miracle. Here I am in Hilton Head, and there are pictures of the condo my mom rented, available via google.

Align CenterThe view from the balcony. Happy sigh. The full moon the other night was particularly delicious. I'm not used to a 180 degree view of the ocean from this height - it's cool. You can see wave patterns out beyond the breakers, but you can't tell really see the topography of the dunes themselves.

The kitchen, site of various dishwasher-related disasters. My mom has a knack for terrifying garbage disposals and dishwashers. It's not that she breaks them by putting bad things into them. It's just her aura. She will deny this, of course. But I have proof. No worries, though - a guy came and fixed it. Moving onwards...

The dining nook, where I am currently seated.

And the living room!

I'm here for just a few days; Mom's here for the rest of the month. You will be pleased to know that so far, I'm on track with my half marathon training - I ran 53 minutes on Sunday, and a half hour today, as planned. And since today's run consisted of running straight out in one direction, and walking back on the beach, I got extra exercise today. And this, despite the fact that IT'S COLD! It's cold, I tell you!

For the wildlife report, we have the following:

1. Two smallish alligators in the lagoon by the Sea Pines gate near Armadillo.
2. Nine - count 'em - nine - anhingas drying their wings by the Academy on Lawton Drive, where in the past we've seen a ginormous alligator.
3. Seven anhinga in a lagoon on south beach road.
4. Seven egrets in a flock in the next lagoon down.
5. Various great blue herons.
6. A boatload of sand dollars on the beach - washed up by the tide, still alive, and making actual trails as they wiggled around getting themselves half-buried to wait for the tide to come back in.
7. Various starfish, engaged in similar pursuits. I tossed many of 'em out into the surf.
8. Your usual pelicans, solitary.
9. Seagulls. They swarmed me yesterday when they confused me for this other woman who was feeding them yesterday. I set them straight.
10. Not so much the orange beaked birdies this time.
11. Only one dolphin so far!
12. At least one bassett hound, a couple of Rhodesian Ridgebacks, an array of dropkick dogs, some scotties, a bunch of labs, and a couple of springer spaniels.
13. One white feral cat.
14. Mourning doves, cardinals, and little twitter birds. Plus the cute little guys, sandpipers.

Speaking of sandpipers, I think Douglas Adams said it best (and again, isn't google great? I read this two summers ago in a collected "Hitchhiker's Guide", and I never would have been able to find it, just thumbing through it.)

"There were little sandpipers running along the margin of the shore which seemed to have this problem: they needed to find their food in the sand which a wave had just washed over, but they couldn't bear to get their feet wet. To deal with this problem they ran with an odd kind of movement as if they'd been constructed by somebody very clever in Switzerland."

Tomorrow: Mom and I go look at a place she's thinking of moving to in a few years. And, to recover from the experience, a mani-pedi treat.

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