Sunday, March 14, 2010

but I don’t want a cold shower

Daylight Savings Time has arrived, and with it, complete and utter chaos. OK, not really. But remember how we have the solar/boiler system set to be efficient? The propane-fired boiler only kicks in for a couple of hours in the early morning, and a couple of hours starting at 6 pm. The sun’s supposed to take care of the rest. On overcast days – like today – the Sunday ritual of washing the sheets in hot water has drawn the temperature down in the tank to something like 50 degrees. Brrrrrr! And the timer on the boiler doesn’t know about daylight savings time. I was just about to take a delicious shower to rinse the sweat of a six mile run off, and realized that the timer still thinks it’s 5 pm. I’ve just now adjusted the thing, and now I’m waiting for the boiler to get the water up to something a little more tolerable.

Ho hum… another fifteen minutes ought to do the trick... Kevin’s now on the treadmill. We calculated that his little adventure of ripping up the carpet yesterday probably burned about 2,200 calories. Wow!

Tomorrow, iPod Shuffle #3 should arrive. That’s right: two defective iPods in a row. Fortunately, this is all covered under warranty.

Oh, while we wait for the water to get hot, let me show you the coolest thing: my dear friend Kristen, and her husband Mike, are into Revolutionary War re-enactments. Her husband plays in the basement making musket balls, and she’s gotten into glass blowing in the style of the times.

100_1437 Here are a few she sent me. I’ve got one other, filled with vanilla, in the cupboard. These are filled with sand and seashells from Important Places. Aren’t these the coolest things, EVER?

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