Sunday, September 16, 2012

sunday ramblings


Fall’s definitely on its way. The milkweed pods are nowhere near opening up, but they are losing their green.

DSC_0266 (4)
july 24
DSC_0316 (5)
september 16

Bittersweet nightshade berries are so translucent, that you can make out the seeds inside them.

DSC_0346 (5)

Jewelweed – aka “touch me not” – flower. Loving the texture.

DSC_0362 (4)


cattails lose all dignity when they go to seed.

DSC_0376 (5)


DSC_0386 (5)

I was aiming for the flowers of the japanese knotweed, but found this wasp instead.

And now, for the jester’s hat of the campion’s seedhead:

DSC_0396 (5)

there are goodies to behold inside.

DSC_0399 (5)

it took me a few tries to focus on the mysteries within.

DSC_0398 (5)

oooohhhh! another whole little world in there! I explored all this last september, too – you can see that here.


  1. With or without a camera, a macro life is well lived, a banisher of woe.

  2. Yes! I do believe you're right, murr.