Sunday, September 9, 2012

just do it, already.

I had an epiphany today. Those things you love to do, that feed your soul?

DSC_0007 (10)

You should do them.

DSC_0011 (11)

It’s not enough to know that you love doing them.

You need to actually do them.

I know, brilliant, right? That’s what you get for having an Ivy League degree. Smarts, folks. Smarts.

I had this epiphany today, when I checked out a community garden a handful of miles from our house. The plan was just, take the recycling in, and pick up something at the coop. A wise angel told me to bring the Nikon w/ macro lens with me. The community garden is across the street from the coop, and I was lured in by the spectacle of sunflowers the size of dinner plates looming over the broccoli and kale. That’s what that phantasmagorical thing in the above two pictures:  sunflower seeds in the act of gestating.

And then all the rest of the ornamental flowers sucker punched me.

DSC_0035 (10)

The place was swimming with bees. Here’s one in the act of lift-off.


DSC_0041 (11)

Morning glory calling it quits for the day.


DSC_0055 (11)

Who can resist this fire? Not me!


DSC_0069 (11)

Hi. I’m a wedding cake.


DSC_0072 (11)

Focus here!

DSC_0073 (11)

No, here!


DSC_0075 (11)


DSC_0091 (10)

Let’s make ALL of the parts a pretty color.


DSC_0122 (10)

Glug glug glug glug *burp*

DSC_0142 (9)

I’m so pretty you can’t resist me even when I’m overexposed AND out of focus.


DSC_0161 (8)

Truly, this is flower porn. No, really: this flower – all these flowers – have been BRED for the seductiveness of their reproductive bits. Think about that.  The confection above – its rays (petals, you might say, but technically probably rays) haven’t even unfurled and it’s already put on make up and a party dress and started dancing. It’s a kindergartener  competing in a beauty pageant.   

DSC_0174 (9)

The hallucinogenic glow-sticks of echinacea.

Ahhhhhh….much better. I hope whatever you love to do, you’re out there doing it!

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