Wednesday, September 5, 2012

scenes from late summer

oh, the precious golden days are on the way out. I struggle between wearing t-shirts, and flannel shirts. I’ve been crazy-busy at work and haven’t spent much time outdoors – for shame! for shame!

DSC_0178 (7)

Most thistles are on the way to white puffballs – this one still had purple bits hanging on.

DSC_0180 (6)

Seems like all that’s left around here is goldenrod.


DSC_0183 (7)

And a few black-eyed susans.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

DSC_0193 (7)

…to do a massive purge of old paperwork! Yes, that is how we spent Labor Day weekend!

DSC_0198 (7)

Found this guy hanging out by the front door.

The cats hang out on the deck in the afternoons when it’s sunny. Here’s Maggie looking elegant…

DSC_0162 (8)


…and less than elegant.

DSC_0161 (8)

Oh, who am I kidding, this girl looks great no matter what she’s doing. She has the prettiest little face.


Onwards to Charlie.

DSC_0170 (8)


I love how relaxed they are, lounging around in the middle of the yard.

DSC_0164 (8)

Open wide!

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