Thursday, June 14, 2012

things just keep unfolding

Just what you’ve been waiting for: four days in the lives of two brown-eyed susans (june 11 – june 14). We’ll start with Baby.

DSC_0596 (3)

DSC_0616 (3)

now watch this – sun! the petals suddenly get a little glow to them.

DSC_0687 (3)

DSC_0707 (3)


and now, for Big Sis:

DSC_0588 (3)DSC_0612 (3)DSC_0685 (3)DSC_0705 (2)


nearby, a gigantic moth was visiting a Cat’s Ear (Hypochoeris radicata).

DSC_0621 (3)

DSC_0625 (3)


and now, for some half-baked anemone:

DSC_0748 (3)

DSC_0749 (3)

DSC_0768 (3)

spiderworts barfing purple

DSC_0736 (3)

bluets: so ethereal. they just can’t help themselves.


DSC_0771 (3)

DSC_0776 (3)

DSC_0777 (3)

purple-flowering raspberry

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