Tuesday, June 19, 2012

gap-toothed innocence, gratuitous purple, and an orgy

I’ve been pretty busy lately, and I haven’t gone as far afoot as I might like, but geez, there’s still plenty going on within sight of the house. There’s the brown-eyed susan update, for one:

DSC_0799 (3)

june 16

DSC_0955 (3)

Two days later. Someone’s been chomping on a petal. This shot reminds me of a six-year old who’s just lost her two front teeth, but gives you just as big a grin as ever.

DSC_0056 (8)

One day later and our six-year old is a lanky adolescent.

DSC_0826 (3)

Little sis, the next one up, gazes up with envy at her glamorous sister.

DSC_0066 (8)

Plenty more where that came from.

Spiderwort buds are really…I don’t know…

DSC_0090 (8)

…decadent, I think. So floppy! Although the one on the right looks ambitious.

And then they do this:

DSC_0085 (8)

DSC_0086 (8)


it’s hard not to develop a passing interest in bugs when you stare into flowers’ naughty bits.

DSC_0093 (8)

since that’s what the bugs are interested in, too. this here is probably some type of syrphid fly.

An orgy of god-knows-who all is getting down inside the newest, still-coming-up leaves of a milkweed plant:

DSC_0029 (8)

“who are you lookin’ at?”


DSC_0028 (8)

nearby, this guy shows off his derriere.

DSC_0038 (8)

…and a leafhopper causes general amazement. Those colors! Who knew? The nice people at bugguide,net, apparently, who ID’d this for me.

I saw some queen anne’s lace for the first time today:

DSC_0101 (7)

DSC_0111 (8)

spiky bracts = a definitive characteristic.

I’ll leave you with a mystery.

DSC_0972 (2)

who’s this? first person with the right answer gets points!


  1. I could identify the candy cane leafhopper but it would only be hazarding a guess of the budding plant. Great shots and rather like the gapped tooth idea.