Monday, June 25, 2012

from orange supernova to silver fireworks

Here’s a sort of time-lapse sequence of a hawkweed flower closing up shop and going to seed. This is from a cluster of flowers near our front door – all pictures taken within a few seconds of one another, of separate flowers. But you can pretend you’re watching the same flower, over a few days. I won’t stop you.

0. Prelude: in case you forgot which one is hawkweed.

DSC_0520 (3)

It’s this fiesta.

1. the petals (technically ‘rays’) close over the whole pistil/stamen apparatus.

DSC_0895 (3)

2. the sepals (hairy green bits) tighten up. the rays start drying up.

DSC_0885 (3)

2. …and drying up…

DSC_0890 (3)

3. …and drying up, until they start to separate from the rest of the plant.

DSC_0886 (3)

4. ideally, they fall off.

DSC_0891 (3)

5. magic ensues.

6. one day, POOF, it all explodes open and we have a fireworks display.

DSC_0882 (3)

…and here’s where that dried-up bit didn’t fall off all the way – you can see it, a bit out of focus, at the lower right.

DSC_0892 (3)

In other news, it was a big day for little sis – the second-in-line in the cluster of black-eyed susans I’ve been visiting every day.


DSC_0254 (5)



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