Wednesday, June 6, 2012

sunshine and rain, marbles made of water

A classic Vermont afternoon: full sun and rain, simultaneously. Actually, it’s the first decent batch of afternoon sun we’ve had in d-a-y-s, so even though I was more of a mind to put my feet up with a glass of wine, I headed out to see what there was to see. But first, I’ll show you the one bit of sun we had a few days ago, in the morning:
Fast-forward to this afternoon:
DSC_0358 (3)
Spiderwort! I had to scrounge around for it behind the ferns.

DSC_0359 (3)
An opportunistic vine of one-seeded burr cucumber, taking on a raspberry leaf. Both are invasives, so let’s just watch them duke it out.
DSC_0363 (3)
Wild rose.
DSC_0370 (3)
Raindrops on Indian hemp. Or, as Best Beloved just commented, “a marble made of water”. That boy’s a genius.
DSC_0375 (2)DSC_0379 (2)
An anemone that’s lost all its petals already.
DSC_0382 (2)
Honeysuckle babies. These will turn orange, then red.
The mail contained a treat today:
It’s the medal from the half marathon I just did. I asked my bro’ to mail it to me, since there was no way the TSA agents would let me take something with a corkscrew on it on a plane.

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