Saturday, February 11, 2012

stream ice, the perseverance of beech, and ibuprofen

Returning to the scene of the crime, this time with the Nikon. Few things are as tempting as a stream loaded with ice: it forms around any obstruction in the water: twigs, the texture of a rock, you name it. 




Filigreed layers form; the water rushes on heedlessly.




The resulting shapes are beyond anything I can invent.

I finally pried myself loose from the stream and headed up into the meadows.


The clouds rolled in gradually from the west. We’re heading into a cold snap. Bring it: it’s time.


Beech stump sprouts: “Oh yeah? Sez who?”



One last pass at the stream.

A fine day.

Oh, and Day Two of the Big Important Conditioning Project!  That’s right, my hiking buddy who shall remain nameless but whose initials are MCD, is up for the adventure: we’re planning a Presidential Traverse. Psych! I walked a couple of miles today on the above meanderings, and that was after I went to the gym for an hour (cardio on the stationary bike, weights). Tomorrow’s run is only like, five miles or something. My feet ache, ache, ache. Am I due for new orthotics, or am I due to not use them any more? Probably the former, as well as some sort of foot-strengthening exercises. Any minute now I’ll spring Best Beloved from his computer and make him give me a foot rub.

Yep, just another day in paradise.

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  1. Girl, You are having some real fun now with that Nikon. You have me dreaming of a camera. But mostly a walk in Vermont. Love that beech bud stump picture!