Friday, February 3, 2012

I’ll take what I can get

Our food coop has a great little plant section where you can buy all manner of impossibly lovely things, from cut flowers to cacti. Today, while I was running around doing my member hours, I stumbled across two huge potted plants – I believe lavender – that were just starting to come into bloom. Kevin and I had a hot date scheduled for later – we were planning on meeting in town to catch a movie – so I called him up, quick like a bunny: “SWEETIE. BRING THE CAMERA.”


Ta dah! My first ever indoor plant shot! How…random! And…how blurry. Regardless, this compares nicely to a whole planting of lavender I made out with back in California a few weeks ago:


From the first day I played with my new SLR.

That was a fun day – we were exploring Soka University, in Aliso Viejo. Did I ever post these shots? I don’t think so. It’s a beautiful campus:



Even Gandhi thinks so.

There was sun today, ladies and gents. Which naturally leads me to look forward to my next long run – 8.5 miles this weekend. Let’s check the weather forecast, shall we?


WTF? The folks at weather dot com must be racking their brains thinking up ways to make their website more useful. And this, apparently, is what they’ve come up with. There are times when “value-added” gets into “over-kill”.

I’ll shut up now. Good night.

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