Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene stole our pond

Yesterday, Sunday – the day Irene hit – after I went out to see just how flooded the brook was, I ventured down the shared driveway to the view of the pond. I was wondering just how huge it would look with all the rain.
Pretty huge, was the answer.
Today, the pond is gone.
P1140578 Evidently, the force of the flood waters knocked out the beaver dam. So long, pond!
This has happened before, although not so dramatically or quickly. Eventually the beavers, like the humans, rebuild critical infrastructure.
Today, the newly-created mudflats had a visitor. I got into quite an argument with the Lumix about this.
“You want me to focus on those stems of grass? OK.”
Oh, for heaven’s sake. Focus on the BIRD, you fool.
GOTCHA! Yellow beak, not-yellow-legs = great egret. We watched it hunt for a while, and then made our way back down the Vermont Great Lakes, otherwise known as, The Driveway.
A red eft wriggled along the margin of the driveway pond.
By the way, I have no idea what the delay factor will be in publishing this post. (I am THRILLED to report we have power again, but we still don’t have the interwebs.) UPDATE! We have the interwebs!


  1. Good lord woman, you got seriously hit! Craziness!

    What's the difference between a salamander and an eft? I use to know but now I can't remember. That's because I'm too busy watching videos like this:

  2. Hi Sarah! My sis Margot Roth told me about your blog. (I'm a SA grad....'84....Nina Roth!). We used to live in Vermont and I feel horrible about the devastation there...good luck to you! I am adding you onto my blogroll....I'm an author and reviewer (Penny Watson is my pen-name), and I often post about my garden and other weird stuff on my blog, Penelope's Romance Reviews. I love the salamander photo!

  3. But she left you a bird. Happy to hear that you are able to get out and about.