Tuesday, August 23, 2011

in which I boast; also, surgery on appliances, and tall blue lettuce

“You have thrilled, inspired and excited my daughter (& me) with your garden photos. She asked me if you are a 'garden talent' fairy. I assured her you are indeed.”

Well, that made my day.
In other news. Did I feel the earthquake? No. I was in the car. Didn’t notice a thing. Did I take any pictures today? Um, no garden talent fairy pictures. Just this one:
So that’s what the beaters look like if you take them apart to clean the insides of dough batter disaster spooge.  Ladies and gentlemen, I most heartedly do NOT recommend this particular product:
Yep, someone around here has gone gluten-free. That someone is not me – bring on the gluten, I say – ‘tis Kevin, aka the dear boy.
To tide us all over til my next photography binge, here’s a teensy flower on a huge plant.
This is tall blue lettuce (Lactuca biennis). According to my flower guide, this can get up to fifteen feet high.
Here’s one that’s gone to seed, next to others that are still finishing up blossoming:

Here’s one sticking its tongue out at another one:

And here’s the whole plant, or most of it – I framed it this way to remind myself, and show you, that it’s taller than I am. Granted, that’s not hard, but still. It’s tall.
And thus concludes this post. G’night!

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